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news 10.08.16

Why we’re already celebrating a successful year.

We’ve had an incredibly successful year of growth so far. Discover which leading brands have joined our party.

How do you measure success?

Whatever they do, whatever product or service they sell and however they do it, almost every organisation on Earth has one thing in common. They have to answer the same question — how well are we really doing?

As questions go, it’s a toughie. There are so many different ways to answer it. Some go for profits; others cite a large number of happy customers. But we’ve managed to combine the two into a single factor — growth.

You’ll struggle to win new business without the ability to exceed client expectations. And it’s difficult to improve your financial position without winning some form of new business. So that’s why we see growth as the way to keep both areas ticking over as they should.

Growth is the key

The good news on the growth front is that we’re celebrating exceptional results this year after winning a selection of prestigious contracts. And, in a word-of-mouth business, it shows that our existing clients are more than happy with our services.

This gives us the exciting chance to work with leading brands, including:

• VW

• Pfizer

• The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA).

These names add to a long list of organisations who appreciate the difference our integrated facilities management services make.

Create happy clients (and shareholders)

So how does our growth this year bring the other important factors together? Well, if you want to focus on the money side of the business, our growth has added an extra £36 million to our value this year alone. Plenty to keep the shareholders happy there…

And, for those who see customer satisfaction as their goal, our growth shows just how happy our clients are with our services. As well as retaining our existing contracts, we’ve been able to win new business by showing prospective clients exactly how well we can look after their facilities management.

And don’t forget the boss…

Another good thing about showing successful growth is that it keeps the boss happy.

“I’m extremely proud of the 14forty team and the results we have achieved so far,” says Mauro Ortelli, our Managing Director. “We work hard to deliver the highest level of services to our clients and it’s great that this is being recognised.”

We certainly can’t argue with that…

Build a successful future

We’re immensely pleased with the growth we’ve achieved this year — and the fact that our clients are clearly happy with our hard work.

But once the celebrations are over, it’s time to get back to it. Our mission to bring you better facilities management never stops. Hopefully, next year, we can report back on how we’ve built even greater things on this year’s success.

Discover more about our range of services — and how they can create a productive, successful working environment for you.

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