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We won’t leave you with a screw loose

news 20.11.15

We won’t leave you with a screw loose

Did you know that Ikea tests its furniture out in Japan and South Korea because people there have the smallest living spaces? That’s exactly the kind of thinking that goes into the training processes we use to develop our great people.

Flat-packing it all in

Next time you’re invited over to a friend or family member’s house, take a look at their furniture. We’d be willing to be they have at least one Ikea product kicking about (probably a Billy bookcase).

The Swedish one-stop shop for flat-pack furnishings has become a global phenomenon over the years. And this means it has to work hard to make sure everyone can piece a wardrobe or a bedside table together for themselves.

A lot of thought goes into an Ikea instruction manual. The company has packing engineers who specifically test each product to make sure you can actually put it all together when you get it home. These engineers also work alongside the product designers to make sure nothing’s ever too difficult for you to build.

Making sense of the manual

We’ve never tried to design flat-pack furniture, or work out what the instructions might look like, but we do try to think like Ikea’s packaging engineers. They have to think about how to show a great number of different people how to perform the same task — making sure as many as possible can get it right.

The same level of thought goes into our training processes. Working with clients across the UK, we have to deliver a consistent high standard of service to everyone. That means giving our people the skills they need to perform a variety of tasks — meeting customers’ expectations, wherever they work.

We then back this up with the individual knowledge of our teams and their members. This means they can pass on their skills and expertise, demonstrating best practices (along with those tips and tricks that make doing a good job that bit easier).

Sharing the secrets of great service

Our people make a big difference to our customers — because we have the right mix of skills in the right places. We also invest in our teams’ development, providing continual training (including NVQs and apprenticeships) to help them build careers and offer further support to your organisation.

Unlike Ikea’s famous furniture, our people don’t come flat-packed — we build teams of talented individuals, teaching them the skills they need to support you and help you achieve your business goals.

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