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news 29.12.15

We’re the best. Final answer

One Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner had the confidence to end the show on his terms. And that conviction is something we could all learn from.

Winning in style

If you didn’t see the video at the time, it’s now the stuff of YouTube legend and you really should take a look. It’s the wonderful Who Wants to be a Millionaire (US version) moment when contestant John Carpenter is on his final, million-dollar question, and the quizmaster asks him the question — “Which of these US presidents appeared on the television show Laugh-In?”

Mr Carpenter gives us a hint of what’s to come by allowing himself a tiny smile. Then he laughs and says he wants to use his ‘phone a friend’ option to call his dad — and when his dad comes on the line John says, “I don’t need your help after all Dad, I just wanted you to know that I’m about to win a million dollars."

And he did. Right answer.

Treading a fine line

You’d have to be incredibly confident to pull off a stunt like that — after winning, Mr Carpenter had to defend himself from accusations that he came across as arrogant —  but then you need to have a fair amount of brass neck to appear on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in the first place.

The question of where confidence tips over into arrogance is an interesting one. Admitting that we are good at something doesn’t always come easily to people, particularly in this country. We worry dreadfully that people will see it as boasting and accuse us of being brash or arrogant.

Well placed confidence

At 14forty we believe there’s nothing wrong with a bit of confidence — indeed, if we didn’t confidently tell our customers that we believe we offer the best service at the best price we might give them reason to think otherwise. Confidence is being happy to demonstrate the truth of your claims — just like Mr Carpenter did. And that’s exactly what we do every day, from our cleaning and facilities management, to our back office support functions. And you don’t need to phone a friend to prove it.

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