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news 03.12.15

Serving up a few aces for your business

As Britain won its first Davis Cup for 79 years, all eyes were on Andy Murray. But it took more than one man to win tennis's top team tournament...

Courting greatness

When Great Britain faced Belgium in the Davis Cup final in November, tennis fans across the country were crossing their fingers and hoping hard; for the first time in over 25 years, the GB team had a good chance of winning. And the rest, as they say, is history…

Hidden strengths

The Davis Cup is our favourite tennis event because it’s a team-based tournament. So, even though the big hitters may take part, success is down to how the whole group performs, rather than being left in the hands of one star.

And the team goes wider than you might think. From experts at the Lawn Tennis Association spending countless hours analysing tapes of opponents to identify weaknesses, to the physio who’s working double shifts because his counterpart has a sickness bug — those behind the scenes are just as important as those in the limelight.

Acing the teamwork

The British team have worked hard to achieve their strong sense of unity. They’ve invested time in getting to know one another on and off the court. Strenuous daytime tennis sessions give way to evenings playing the word game Articulate, a fast-talking descriptive board game.

And whenever team members have a match, you’ll see the rest of the squad there, supporting from the crowd. Even players who were overlooked for selection have been supporting those who were picked. The atmosphere is charged with positivity and it just might be enough to win…

Netting success

Like the GB Davis Cup team, we place a high priority on teamwork. From your 14forty manager through to the night staff you never see or those working at our headquarters, helping to refine and improve our processes — your facilities management team is always working together to support you.

Your facilities dream team

We work hard to create a pool of motivated, multi-skilled, multi-tasking people to look after your integrated facilities services. And every member of our team is focused on what you need — great service, great cover and a seamless experience. Like the GB Davis Cup team, they’re all experts in their own individual areas and yet they’re bound together by a common purpose. This means that they’re always on the look out for those little things that make all the difference, whether it’s strictly their job or not.

We know that our whole team has to pull together to win — and that a win for us means success for you. We work on smashing the service targets that will allow you to hit the winners.

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