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Highly trusted security services

"Of all the areas I have to think about, the one that’s most likely to keep me awake at night is security. According to the British Chambers of Commerce, crime costs UK businesses £19 billion a year – and we don’t want to be part of those statistics. So I’ll never relax.

When it comes to protecting our people, our buildings and our assets, we’re in the safest possible hands with 14forty. (They’re also an approved contractor of the
Security Industry Authority.)"

Robust security systems gives peace of mind

There are two very different sides to security, aren’t there? One is the friendly 'meet and greet' approach you need during the daytime in your reception, and the ability to deal with day-to-day issues. The other is the physical protection, sophisticated surveillance and alarm response you need to spot potential threats and resolve them fast. 

14forty security officer helps visitor

That means different officers with different styles, training and approaches for different times of the day. And it takes a really effective mix of manned guarding, mobile response and security systems.

What we’ve found with 14forty is that they’re really good at blending it all together in a comprehensive and cost effective way that harnesses the power of technology. Each plays its part in mitigating risk – a physical presence as a deterrent, cross referencing data from CCTV and alarm systems to pre-empt a security breach, and using remote or mobile monitoring to improve efficiency without increasing the level of any threat.

They started by getting a clear understanding of our business – including an audit and risk evaluation of every single aspect that could affect our security. They also looked at the external environment, local demographics and historical data.

Now we get accurate, real time data on every activity so we can measure security service performance. More important still, we’ve gained peace of mind with safer working environments for our people and our visitors

A wide range of security services

14forty deliver a wide range of high quality services that keep everyone and everything safe and sound and include:

  • Manned guarding
  • Mobile security services
  • Remote monitoring
  • Secure events
  • Security consultancy
  • Security systems
  • Screening and vetting
  • Specialist training
Security officer searches bags

Complete trust in manned guarding

There are times when our 14forty security officers are our public face. They’re representing us on the front line. They’re in close and direct contact with our clients, our people and other visitors. So we have to be absolutely sure they’ll perform to the highest standards. We need to have complete trust in their judgement and decision making.

With 14forty, it all starts with the rigorous screening of their potential officers – using the same technology based vetting programme that they offer commercially to businesses like ours.

Their security services training programme is just as rigorous – not only on the technical and systems side but in the right behaviours officers need for positive and effective interaction with people. And it goes much further, with a programme of qualifications to develop transferable skills for their future careers.

Then there’s the security systems and technology they use to support officers to be more effective and keep them safe. Whether they’re working as part of a mobile service or dedicated to a particular site, all our 14forty officers are monitored through a control centre. And with GPS installed in every vehicle, the 14forty ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) knows the position and status of every mobile unit, every second of every day.

Security services remote monitoring

Mobile security services for rapid response

It’s very reassuring to have a 14forty mobile patrol no more than a short distance away, day or night. As well as being a powerful visible deterrent, we know that vigilant officers will respond rapidly to deal with any serious issue we might have – whether it’s security, fire, flood or other damage.

They also take care of key holding, empty property checks and meter readings for us. We’ve saved some money there. Instead of having a dedicated officer for mobile lock-down and unlock services, we’re now doing it much more cost effectively with a technical solution that provides controlled access to our buildings.
Something else we really appreciate is the way we can monitor and see what’s going on at any time, as well as look back at past activity.


That’s down to the security services as well as the smart processes and transparent reporting that 14forty use.

The investment they’ve made in PDAs, for example, means that security officers can save time and work a lot more efficiently. They use their PDAs for everything from checking into and out of shifts to tracking daily routes and tasks, radio tag scanning, and instantly communicating threats or incidents. All this information is instantly uploaded to our reporting system so we can see it in real time.

14forty security services at gate

Protected by the best security systems

You’ll understand that I don’t want to go into too much detail here. Let’s just say that we’re in the safe hands of people who understand leading edge security systems technology inside out, and know how to put it together seamlessly.

Our integrated system includes access control, intruder detection and alarms, CCTV with video analytics and ANPR, and remote 24 hour monitoring. We’re protected 24/7 – and every second of every day.

If you get the chance, pay a visit to the 14forty ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). It really is the ultimate in monitored security protection. Accredited to NSI Cat II ARC gold award it’s a totally secure base, packed with the latest server technology, backup and recording systems, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connectivity and scalable projection.

It gives us the peace of mind of knowing that our business-critical interests are under professional surveillance at all times. It lets me sleep at night.

How 14forty Central helps us with security services

  • Co-ordinates security teams with out of hours service, especially when refurbishment projects are underway
  • Is a quick way to escalate an issue and get support
  • Controls the locking and unlocking of unmanned sites
  • Manages the patrolling and provision of welfare units