Welcoming style for perfect impression at reception

Welcoming Reception and Guest Services

"What kind of first impression does your front desk make? What
kind of first impression would you like it to make? We thought
ours was OK until we asked 14forty to look after our reception
services. Then we saw, heard and understood the difference.

And you know the best thing? They didn’t just try to impose a
standard approach like others do. They started with what was
important to us – including our budget."

A perfect impression every day

These days, we constantly hear our guests talking about the great service they’ve received. Add up the number of visitors we receive every day, every month and every year – and that amounts to a lot of perfect impressions.

But of course none of it happens by accident. In fact it’s the exact opposite. That’s because the 14forty guest services people work really hard to identify every key moment for visitors. So it’s not surprising that they’re so appreciative.

Some of this is done by painstaking planning. Some of it is assisted by innovative technology. Some of it’s down
to 14forty’s industry leading training programmes and
award winning e-learning platform. But a lot of it comes down to the ability to create an emotional connection.

Not everyone can make that connection. Few have it to the degree necessary to create unique experiences for guests that make them feel welcome, relaxed and well looked after. But the 14forty people have got it –  and that makes all the difference.

Guest services hand over pass

Reception and guest services

14forty deliver a wide range of high quality reception services to create that perfect impression and include:

  • Call services and switchboard
  • Concierge services
  • Helpdesk
  • Reception management
14forty guest services team briefing

Guest services trade secrets

So how exactly do 14forty go about creating the 'seamless experience' that they talk about so much? Well, they’ve let me into a few of their trade secrets. I’m sure they won’t mind if I share them with you.

It starts with selection and recruitment. They look for those all important skills when selecting their people. Only those with the right service ethos are enrolled – once they’ve been cleared by the high level security screening first, of course.

Then there’s the award winning on-boarding programme. Everyone in 14forty guest services is very clear about what's expected of them. They're trained to respond to individual needs and empowered to take ownership of the visitor’s experience – saving time and making life a little easier in any way they can.

Guest services offer umbrella

They run forums to keep people up-to-date with new thinking, new technology and new ways of working and share regular feedback. And they never stand still. They’re always striving for better – whether it’s a bigger smile, knowing one more person’s name, or an even more personal touch. But of course we don’t take any of this on trust. You wouldn’t either, would you? So we have demanding SLAs and KPIs in place – things like customer complaints, time to answer calls and staff appearance. 14forty are happy to commit to these, accept penalties and put their profit at risk.

How 14forty Central helps us with guest services 

  • Manages and co-ordinates all our high priority meetings and events, keeping us updated at every stage
  • Takes requests and makes sure all the service teams know what's required
  • Takes away the admin tasks so our guest services team can focus on guests
  • Manages customer compliments and complaints
  • Can get messages to our teams quickly and record receipt
  • Receive, manages and handles guests' calls 24/7