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news 13.01.16

Pitching it just right

Great service relies on us bringing together factors in harmony. Just like a choir, our combination delivers more than the sum of its parts.

Singing their hearts out

The transformation of a group of military wives into a choir worthy of performing at the Festival of Remembrance at the Albert Hall was an incredible thing to witness. Week by week, the TV documentary ‘The Choir’ showed choirmaster Gareth Malone coaxing and coaching the women into a cohesive group. Starting out as wives and girlfriends who had rarely sung anywhere other than in the shower, they ended up delivering a melodious performance that moved people to tears.

Harmony promotes skills

As the women found, learning to sing with others is a huge boost to self-esteem and confidence. Plus, psychologists think that the increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour makes people more effective. However it works, being part of a choir is a bonding experience that helps with team work.

Giving voice to great service

Unfortunately, we don’t have a 14forty choir to announce. However, we do follow the same principles as a top-class choirmaster to bring our people together to form a team that provides great service.

Your 14forty manager is your ‘choirmaster’, pulling together a multi-skilled team with a strong sense of collaboration. Although a lot of what we do is driven by service level agreements and key performance indicators, you’ll find that our teams always want to go further — because of their commitment to outstanding service.

And then we practise and practise to give everyone confidence in the accuracy of their performance, so they can deliver service with commitment.

Accompanying your solo

At 14forty, we see ourselves as the backing choir to your solos. We take care of your facilities management in the background, freeing you up to focus on what’s important to your business. You may only hear a low hum of efficiency coming from our people as they go about their work. However, whether it’s cleaning, serving food, handling security, or carrying out any one of a multitude of FM tasks, the full backing choir is there, ready to serve you to the highest possible standards. In our team, everyone’s definitely singing from the same hymn sheet.

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