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"What we see every minute of every day is a powerful combination at work. And it’s all about people. It starts with relentless efficiency, simply because it has to.

The whole reason we outsource support services is so we can concentrate on our core business and carry it out more cost effectively. And we see how 14forty are always looking for ways to save us more money, time and effort. But that’s only the beginning because they have this amazing sense of collaboration."

14forty is one of the leading facilities management companies

14forty people do amazing things

Then there’s this way they have of making complex things seem simple. The services they run are complex, of course, but they make them simple for us. We have one point of contact in our manager and one transparent place to go for information. It couldn’t be simpler.

Then it’s back to the people aspect again. The best words I can find are supportive and thoughtful. 14forty is like a cultural glue for our organisation. No matter what challenges we face in any day – or in what we’re trying to achieve as a business – we know they’ll support us all the way. And they react like lightning to put things right if ever something goes wrong.

Right people, skills and places

It's also about having the right people with the right skills in the right places. 14forty invest heavily in developing the FM careers of their people. You can see it in everything they do – not least the fact that every single person has the opportunity to obtain a nationally recognised qualification that develops their skills and capabilities.

You can see it in their equal opportunities commitment and their health and safety ethos  – including the telling fact that the number one priority on their business agenda is keeping their people, clients and consumers safe.

It’s there in their FM recruitment and reward process – rigorous selection of the right, talented people, followed up by thorough induction, continual training and development opportunities and regular performance reviews. 14forty people have lots of development courses to choose from, delivered by twelve regional trainers and three learning and development managers.

Then there are all their many NVQs and apprenticeships. These are just the start in up-skilling and multi-skilling for fulfilling and rewarding careers. An apprenticeship in hospitality supervision is just one that they’ve recently added. And they believe in getting regular feedback from their people too. They had an amazing response rate from their latest survey. We can learn from that. It’s exactly what I’d expect from one of the leading facilities management companies.

I’ll let you into a little secret. It’s the 14forty commitment that sets them apart and makes such a difference. Take a look.

The 14forty commitment

14forty are supportive and thoughtful

They really care about their people and their aspirations, helping them to develop as individuals to reach their full potential.

14forty make the complex simple

They deliver a safe, compliant environment through their multi-skilled team with one point of contact and one place for information.

14forty are relentlessly efficient

They are always introducing smarter, more innovative ways of working, searching out and utilising the latest technologies to make their service to their customers even better.

14forty are a collaborative partner

They work with clients to build lasting relationships – in tune with their values and goals, enabling them to share collective success.

14forty manager sets you free

My 14forty manager has set me free

There I was, feeling worried. I knew we were doing the right thing when we decided to go for bundled outsourced services and asked 14forty to take on the job. But what about my job? Would their manager try to take it over?

I needn’t have worried. Instead of a takeover, it was like suddenly having an extra brain and expert pair of hands – as well as all the brainpower and manpower in the 14forty teams.

It’s almost uncanny how my 14forty manager knows what I want and anticipates it – often before I even need to ask. SLAs and KPIs drive a lot of what we do, but there’s never the grudging or contractual attitude you often get with other service suppliers. It’s the opposite. They always want to go further.

Right from day one, my 14forty manager came equipped with the knowledge and skills to do a first class job. That’s largely thanks to the 14forty FM career development programme which includes their suite of courses. It goes from Code of Business Conduct and Health & Safety to everything that’s needed to develop, lead, coach and motivate great people to provide great service and achieve great results for us.

Now I’ve got an accountable go-to person, an FM expert, and someone who cares as much as I do all rolled into one. It’s set me free.

14forty people do amazing things

They really know how to look after people

I think it must be down to 14forty’s long heritage in hospitality and customer service. Whatever it is, they really know how to look after their people well. And that feeds straight through to the way their people look after us.

Naturally enough it starts with the lengths they go to in selecting and recruiting the right people – not just those who are professional and talented in their own areas, but those with the right attitude and adaptability to become more multi-skilled. They listen.

The feedback on what’s important to people from their regular internal engagement and attitude survey is a big part of creating the shared values, promises and guiding principles that everyone understands and sticks to.

And they support well too – from getting the basics right in health and safety, uniform, tools, training and best practice right through to recognition, open communications, sharing ideas and respecting each other.

Security officer with right skills and qualifications

They build fantastic FM careers

There’s no skills shortage at 14forty. Quite the opposite. They build their own. And there’s a simple principle behind this, which is enabling everyone to become the best they can be.

The building blocks are created through their recruitment, induction, personal development plans, continual training and performance management. They have this approach of opening up 'great conversations' to empower people to take control of their learning, boost their own performance and develop new opportunities. I’ve watched it in practice. It works.

Everyone in 14forty has the opportunity to obtain a nationally recognised qualification through the 14forty academy that confirms their skills and capabilities – from frontline people through to supervisors, managers, regional and general management, senior management and central functions. Not all facilities management companies provide such excellent opportunities.

Being part of the Compass Group is a massive advantage when it comes to learning and development. In a typical year they carry out over 35,000 training days, run over 80,000 e-learning courses and offer 1,200 apprenticeships. They own and operate eight fully embedded apprenticeship qualification frameworks.

What does all this mean for us? Quite simply that we know we can rely on specialised teams who are skilled and expert at what they do, working for a manager who’s there to have everything running like clockwork and make the whole experience great. 

Looking for an FM career with 14forty?

14forty is always on the lookout for talented people with the right attitude. Think you might fit in?
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