Specialist partner service providers integrated seamlessly

Specialist FM Partner Services

"In the spirit of appropriate outsourcing, it’s only to be expected that 14forty outsource some highly specialised areas to trusted partners who they work with very closely.

Well, we all have to recognise where others are even better placed to provide a service than we are."

14forty specialist service providers

The good thing about it is that it feels seamless. 14forty carefully select the very best specialist service providers in their fields. They set clear expectations right from the start – with shared SLAs and KPIs. They make sure that all their specialist partners work to the same consistently high standards as they do.

We’ve seen some really useful benefits of integrating partner services – lower energy costs, for example, and innovative waste segregation that’s really cut down the amount we send to landfill.

Waste management

Biffa is one of the UK’s largest recycling and waste management organisations. Their partnership with Compass Group and now 14forty includes over 58,000 collections a year from 2,100 sites. On ours, you’ll notice the ‘big red bins’. That’s just one of their initiatives to reduce waste levels and increase recycling rates by better segregation.

They’ve also brought in compactors and balers. We’re looking next at generating energy from waste through refuse derived fuel technology. It’s all helping us to cut down dramatically the amount we send to landfill. That’s good for our business, and the right thing for the environment.

Pest control

We can’t afford the health and contamination risks posed by infestations of unwelcome little visitors – whether it’s mice, rats, cockroaches or anything else that can spread disease and infection. At the same time we want to be sure that we’re keeping our site healthy and hygienic in a way that’s as environmentally friendly as possible.

14forty manage all this for us through Ecolab –
a leading global company in their field. Prevention is always better than cure, so an all inclusive, fully managed service makes good sense.

Energy management

We’ve made some big savings here, both in the amount of energy we consume and how much it costs us. That’s thanks to 14forty and their partnership with Inenco – one of the UK’s longest established and leading energy and utility consultancies.


Inenco specialise in energy procurement, sustainability, reporting and analysis, cutting energy costs for clients like us through risk managed procurement and bill validation services. We’re reducing our environmental impact in this area too, through initiatives in energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling that are steered by Inenco’s employee-led Green Team.

Washroom services

Washrooms really matter to our people. I’d hear about it pretty quickly if something wasn’t right. That rarely happens these days, thanks to 14forty and their partnership with PHS. They’re the UK’s leading provider of away-from-home washroom services, celebrating fifty years of business in 2013.

As well as supplying all the consumables – from hand care, soaps and paper products to air freshening and vending machines – they help us stay on top of legislation and meet our sustainability target of using less water.

Kitchen equipment

Managing the lifecycle costs of expensive and critical kitchen equipment can pay real dividends. That’s a key advantage of 14forty’s relationship with Aggora – their sole provider of kitchen equipment maintenance. With full life cost analysis available online, 14forty can track maintenance visits and costs against each item of equipment.

They can access diagnostic information to inform effective ‘repair versus replace’ decisions. They can track asset disposal and relocations, and manage compliance with the new refrigeration F-Gas regulations. All this is available online – so of course we see all the benefits too.

How 14forty Central helps us with specialist partner services

  • Integrates specialist services seamlessly
  • Co-ordinates access into buildings for specialist service providers
  • Automates our business rules into the CAFM making sure every task has a pre-determined completion time