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news 17.08.16

Keeping things shipshape

For a business to safely traverse the turbulent seas of a stormy economy, it needs to be shipshape. That’s why you need to know about our sister company — ICM.

Shipshape and Bristol fashion

The word ‘shipshape’ originally referred to a sailor’s obligation to keep everything on the ship neatly arranged and secured against storms. After all, if you’ve got casks of rum rolling around on the deck during a squall, it’s going to get in the way of what matters — keeping the ship afloat.

Nowadays we use ‘shipshape’ in everyday life to mean ‘neat and tidy’; but the original meaning still holds true — particularly for businesses.

The premises of a business are like a ship, and keeping that ship clean, tidy, organised and safe is important to that business’s success.

That’s where our sister company, and cleaning specialist, ICM comes in.

A world-class crew

ICM (which stands for Integrated Cleaning Management) has a highly-skilled crew that will keep your premises shipshape.

It’s a specialist cleaning and support-services company, providing a nationwide service to a long list of customers — many of whom have been with it since the beginning.

It has over 10,000 active staff, who clean roughly 32 million square feet per day — the equivalent of 2,379 Olympic-sized swimming pools. And it now ranks among the top three UK cleaning companies — an achievement attributed to its philosophy of service delivery: ‘determined, passionate and consistent’.

The customer is the captain

At ICM, the primary focus is on the customer’s needs. It works hard to understand them fully, and to respond in ways that are flexible and on-target.

It really is 'large enough to cope and small enough to care', and its customers find its straightforward, honest and knowledgeable approach a breath of fresh air in an industry often driven simply by cost.

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Put simply, businesses can sail safely to success, knowing that ICM is there to keep them shipshape.

For more information call ICM on 01420 550166.


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