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The best quality integrated facilities
management service

“If you’re running a facilities management or a real estate operation like me, you need people who are real integrated FM experts.”

Why choose integrated facilities management services?

Because 14forty is one of the leading integrated facilities management companies they convinced us. The results they delivered proved it made sense to outsource three, four and then even more of our services.

Now we’ve gone way beyond our initial aim of making cost savings. Today, it’s about sustained and measurable productivity gains in great environments where people want to work.

It’s a true partnership and means that we experience the best quality integrated facilities services, efficiently delivered.

14forty manager one point of contact for integrated services

One on-site point of contact

Our 14forty manager knows how to anticipate what we need and keep everything simple for us – while still always looking for new ways of improving.

We have one management structure, one transparent place to go for information and one point of contact, our 14forty manager, who ensures that our performance expectations are exceeded.

Having a pool of motivated, multi-skilled, multi-tasking people looking after integrated facilities services across all our sites means great service, great cover and a seamless experience.

Because every member of the team is focused on what we need.

They’re all experts in their own individual areas. But they’re also people with eyes and ears open who know how to get things done – like the security officer who sees an empty copier, or the cleaner who notices a light bulb that needs changing. Everyone wears the same shirt with 14forty on it.

14forty work as a collaborative team

The perfectly placed Central helpdesk

There’s something that sits right at the centre of 14forty. Logically enough, it’s called 14forty Central and it provides the vital support for our integrated
facilities services.

It’s a powerful source of information, control, governance and change. And it’s perfectly placed to give us exactly what we need.