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news 19.11.15

Hitching a ride

A bike ride is a wonderful thing: the breeze through your hair, being close to nature, and the amazing feeling of travelling long distances with ease is hard to beat. That is, of course, until you come slap-bang up against a steep, unyielding hill that forces you to get off — grudgingly — to push your bike to the top. That certainly puts a dampener on your spirits.

This was a particular problem for one notorious hill in Trondheim, Norway. A harsh incline, stretching just over 130 metres, the hill was an unconquerable problem for cyclists in the city, which is certainly saying something when you consider that Trondheim is dubbed the cycling capital of Norway. Hundreds of people a day were thwarted by this massive hill.

Puffing up the hill on foot is now a thing of the past thanks to the world’s first bike escalator. Officially referred to as the CycloCable, it works in a similar way to a ski lift, pulling commuters and tourists alike up the hill and safely depositing them at the top. It’s very subtle, with the majority of the mechanics hidden under the kerb of the pavement, allowing the road to function as usual for other traffic. The rider simply puts a foot on a pedal that travels along a metal rail and lets the mechanism take the strain. Every 20 metres, the CycloCable has the capacity to carry another cyclist, giving a maximum of 360 bike riders a lift each hour.

It’s the perfect solution for cyclists who want to keep using their bikes but need the convenience of being able to tackle the hill quickly. And it can also be used by others, too — women with prams for example, or children with scooters can get a hand with the hill.

Just like the inspired Norwegians, we’re always working to support you as you climb the (metaphorical) hills you come across. Delivering facilities management services across a range of critical areas, our people help you look after your day-to-day operations. This leaves you free to focus on the things that really matter and make your business even more successful.

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