Healthy, safe & compliant environment

"Here’s an interesting little fact. 14forty’s health & safety systems were developed through working in sectors like the nuclear industry. That led to more work in high compliance environments that are just about as tightly regulated as you can get."

Keeping everyone safe is their top priority

I talked recently about Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) with 14forty’s directors and with their parent Compass Group. Here’s what they told me about their commitment.

14forty health & safety briefing

Keeping their people, clients and consumers safe is their number one priority. It’s top of their business agenda. HSE policy is an integral part of their business plan and central to their strategy for the future. The very nature of what they do and their market position brings a lot of challenges and responsibilities. But they know that great HSE practices contribute to great people delivering great services. And they know that getting HSE right is critical to not only to wellbeing and welfare, but to the success of their business and to clients like us.

So their aims include promoting health, no harm to people, and no incidents. They minimise any adverse impact on the environment wherever they can by managing water, energy and waste. They enhance the communities and the environments in which they work. They comply with all the relevant safety, food and environmental legislation, and support clients in their own legal compliance. But they also keep striving for continual improvement in ways that go much further.

Recognising that all incidents are preventable, they create a culture of ownership and accountability. Everyone who works for 14forty is responsible for making sure that what they do is consistent with the company’s aims, which they know about through the HSE cultural development programme.

As part of Compass Group, 14forty have a commitment to upholding the Modern Slavery Act. In line with the requirements of this Act, their Human Rights Policy, their Code of Business Conduct and their Code of Ethics, their policy in respect of slavery and human trafficking is to eliminate it both from the business and supply chain. To read the Modern Slavery Act 2015 transparency statement, click here.

The thing is, though, how does all this work?

14forty client walks safely down stairs

Three key ways of keeping everyone safe

First of all, they go to huge lengths – every single day – to make sure that all their people work safely and diligently. They commit to industry leading health & safety training to give their teams the right skills and knowledge.

A lot of this is about the softer side of health and safety, in that it focuses on an individual's behaviour, and the way that people think and act really can make the difference in preventing accidents.

So they’ve created this purpose made suite of tools to influence and shape beliefs, attitudes and actions. It covers setting standards and following HSE rules, communicating and speaking out, managing risks by being mindful and getting properly involved. Sounds simple maybe, but I think it’s truly ground breaking.

Maintaining the highest standards in health & safety

Secondly, 14forty maintain a safe, compliant and healthy environment for our people to work in.

As you’d expect, their HSE management systems are built to ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 safety management standards. Just as important for us, they’ve helped us achieve the same accreditations right across our sites. They have great processes around helpdesks and other planned preventative maintenance and statutory systems. That gives us the reassurance that our buildings stay safe and compliant – not easy, as you know.  

The third and really important thing is that 14forty also take the initiative in helping us to be legally compliant as employers – including expert advice on health & safety practices. They do a lot of this through compliance audits, assurance and training. And it’s hugely reassuring to know they’re right on hand to act as the first point of contact to capture immediate information about any incident. That’s helped us to create a fair claims culture – and defend ourselves against anything that isn’t fair.

What about the 'E'?

Good question. The E in HSE stands for environmental compliance and sustainability.

We’re really impressed by the systematic way they manage this, and their commitment that starts at the very top. It’s fascinating stuff – and it works for us. Take a look. They talk about their five pillars of corporate responsibility made up of their: