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news 08.06.16

Getting things done

It’s quite a spectacle, watching footage of unwanted tower blocks crumbling into a heap, but as with most things, there’s usually a better way.

It’s an impressive sight and relatively safe as it’s usually done with a wide area of empty land around it. But what happens if you want to bring down a building in the middle of a modern megacity — without bringing down everything around it as well? One Japanese demolition company, the Taisei Corporation, has developed an eerily unobtrusive way of doing just that.

How not to go out with a bang

The Ecological Reproduction System (ERS) is clean, green, and incredibly low-key. A casual onlooker might just about notice as the cranes and winches are wheeled in the front door. And if they looked carefully each day they might notice as a familiar building seems to get a bit shorter. But many people don’t because it all goes on behind the scenes; demolition teams work inside the building, lowering it slowly on huge winches as they take it apart floor by floor.

Behind the scenes

What we’re used to being a noisy, dusty ‘event’ becomes a quiet, professional job done behind the scenes, with little or no disruption to the people around.

At 14forty we pride ourselves on getting on with things — in many cases, behind the scenes — delivering the best services without getting in your face. It means that we sort out the facilities management so you don’t have to worry about it. And this extends to meeting health and safety regulations too, ensuring you stay compliant with the rules and legislation you face.

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