Facilities Management FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a more specific one please get in touch.

What exactly do you mean by outsourcing?

It means an arrangement where non-core business activities and services are looked after by a company for whom these activities are their core business.

What’s the biggest reason to think about outsourcing?

With business so fiercely competitive, your success may well depend on your ability to stay focused on your customers and what you deliver to them. But maximising cost efficiency and performance in your non-core areas can also have a big impact on profitability.

What should I be looking for?

Look for a company that can bring expertise and cost effectiveness through sharing best practice and using buying power and scale.  Look for one that can provide the right level of management control, report back clearly on performance and results, and make strategic recommendations. Look for a proven track record in these areas.

How do I know if it’s worth outsourcing services for my organisation?

Set out the key improvements that you want to achieve, and put some numbers on the financial and operational benefits that they might bring. Then ask 14forty to put together a business case which will include KPIs for each service and a detailed projection of ROI.

What types of services can be outsourced?

Don’t rule anything out. If it’s not core to what you do as a business, ask 14forty if they can look after it. If it’s really specialised or to meet a short term need they can appoint and manage a specialist sub-contractor.

What types of companies are out there and who should I be considering?

It all depends on what you need, of course. We suggest that you put the most emphasis on choosing a company that is strong on people related services, with a can-do attitude and a proven safety record and culture.

What is a single service provider?

A company that specialises in providing one type of service.

What is a bundled service provider?

A company that bundles two related services together.

What is a contracted integrated facilities management provider?

These companies sub-contract every service and manage the quality of service of each of the different providers on your behalf – but they add another layer of management costs.

What is a self-delivered integrated facilities management provider?

These providers deliver their services themselves. This means they can remove unnecessary internal management overhead and develop multi-skilled people to save time and drive efficiencies. This model provides the best solution for most clients and is what 14forty does.

How do I ensure that a service provider will buy into our strategy?

This will only happen if they work closely with your management teams right from the outset to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation, your direction and your ambitions.
14forty does – but don’t assume that everyone will.

Can I talk to other clients like us who have or are facing the same issues?

That’s a great idea. 14forty is really open to this, will take you to the premises of other clients to see services in action, then encourage you to talk to these clients and key stakeholders.

What are the critical factors for a long and successful relationship?

Teamwork, trust, open dialogue and transparency are all essential. Then it’s about a real focus on key deliverables and measurable KPIs – with robust processes and procedures, but with flexibility around services requirements.

How can my services be improved?

Look for innovation, stakeholder engagement, continuous improvement
and a real understanding of what’s important to you.

How much money can I save?

Every organisation is unique and it will depend on your specific situation
so ask 14forty to produce a structured business case.

How much time can I save?

We find that this can be one of the biggest benefits of all. Stepping away from the day-to-day operation – whilst still closely monitoring performance – means you can concentrate on more strategic issues.

Can I continue to use my existing supply chain?

14forty has a great, approved, fully vetted supply chain and works with partners and suppliers that are qualified to operate 14forty programmes. Because price is important they leverage their scale and in return they give their partners and suppliers tenure and opportunities for growth – this is how they achieve excellence in price and service.

They recognise that the diversity of their client base means that from time to time it is necessary to work with existing suppliers and on these occasions existing suppliers should expect to be audited and approved like any other, with all aspects of control in place to make sure they meet all the right criteria.

How often will I see my account manager?

Very regularly. But it should go a lot further than that. Look for a structured governance calendar that includes all the fixed monthly and quarterly site visits and business reviews.

How quickly can teams be mobilised?

Government guidelines on TUPE normally mean a minimum of 30 days. Services with no TUPE transfers can be faster. Look for a structured timeline that’s thoroughly thought through and based on proven past success. 14forty can mobilise in 30 days, but they recognise that some client facilities are large and complex so mobilisation will take longer. It all depends on the specific circumstances and the balancing of governance, rigour, risk and project management.

Who is talking to me on the 14forty website?

It is somebody who is running a complex facilities management operation for a large company with multiple sites. They wanted to reduce their number of service providers to save themselves time and money, whilst maintaining high quality services. They know 14forty very well because they were part of the team that awarded them the multi-million pound integrated facilities management contract. To protect their confidence their name and company is withheld.