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news 20.04.16

Communication, take a bow

Ballet requires precision and impeccable timing — both of which are achieved through communication. And that’s also true of facilities management.

The secret to Swan Lake’s success

The performance of Swan Lake is the epitome of all ballets; it’s mesmerising, captivating and astonishing to watch. The instantly-recognisable tale of good against evil is one that can be told forever, along with the timeless music and design; it’s appreciated across the globe by ballet lovers and people alike.

The assembly of ballet dancers on stage is a disciplined collaboration of shapes; they’re timed to perfection and it almost looks like they breathe in unison. Working together as a united front, they’re connected and aware of each other; there’s not a single movement out of place, or a second out of time.

The importance of communication

Classical ballet is a beautiful and synchronised art form — when performed well. But, without practice, communication and organisation the graceful movement would descend into an uncoordinated mess — and who wants to watch that?

Lauren Cuthbertson is a principal ballerina at the Royal Ballet, and she emphasises how the key to success is always having your end-target in mind, “Practice is just so important. But also, I discovered the art of imagery, which for me has been a huge tool. It means I can see the finished product of what I want it to be in my head.”

Choreography and facilities management

At 14forty we have the same way of thinking; we know that to find exactly the right solution for you — and execute it with the precision and efficiency of a ballerina — we need to discover and understand your vision for your workplace. We believe that communication is fundamental to understanding you and your business’ needs. By setting out with a clear idea of what you want to achieve, we can work together to get there — in perfect time and harmony.

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