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news 13.04.16

Cloudy, with a chance of...what?

We Brits have something of an obsession when it comes to weather. We like to know where we stand. It’s about consistency — and there’s a lesson here for FM.

A national obsession?

Urban legend has it that spies coming to Britain are taught to talk about the weather at every possible opportunity in order to blend in. And yes, we are probably a little obsessed (chances are, we’ve all had a rather in depth discussion about the weather recently).

And nowadays, with all the storms and extreme weather we’re experiencing, there’s even more to talk about. Over the past few years, the weather has become downright unpredictable — so unpredictable, in fact, that scientists are on the case.

Leading scientists and meteorologists are working to try to determine whether natural variation or climate change is the culprit — or a combination of factors.

In search of a cause

Ideally, the climate experts would be able to pin down what’s behind our unpredictable weather so that, if it’s within our control, we could start doing something about it. Given a choice, no one wants a repeat of the flooding we’ve had over the past few years.

Is it a British thing again — to want to know where you stand? Would it be better if we knew that climate change was making our winters colder and our summers wetter? Of course we’d still talk about it, but we’d be able to plan accordingly.

It’s all about consistency

We like consistency. We like to know that Wimbledon’s Centre Court has a roof because it’ll rain in early July. We like to know that we can give comedy Christmas jumpers and that it’ll be cold enough for the recipient to have to put it on. We like to know that as soon as the children go back to school in September the most glorious Indian summer will kick in.

Consistency helps you plan. Consistency is reassuring. Consistency is an honorary British institution. Getting what you expect, every time. We value it. Do you?

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