14forty office cleaning services

State-of-the-art Commercial Cleaning Services

"Cleaning is just cleaning isn’t it? Well, that’s what we used to
think. Then we started talking to 14forty and discovered how
much more there is to it. Now we’ve improved the hygiene of
our whole site. Its done far more efficiently and
professionally. It’s a lot more environment friendly.

And our cleaning services are costing us less now than they
were before. I’ve got the management information to prove it."

Innovation in cleaning services

Lots of people claim innovation, don’t they? 14forty have genuinely done it in office cleaning services. They’ve managed to bring the very best products and equipment together with something called efficient flow cleaning – plus consistent ways of working that we can measure and trust. 

It means optimising the way our cleaning is done by separating the different tasks into light, hygiene and intense. ‘Light’ is about removing any visible marks and debris.

‘Hygiene’ keeps our washrooms, shower rooms, vending areas and kitchenettes fresh and spotless. ‘Intense’ covers vacuuming, polishing, carpet sweeping, scrubber drying, deep cleans and waste removal.

14forty cleaning services are quiet

You wouldn’t believe how quick and efficient it all is. Cordless vacuum cleaners on backpacks means they move through space faster. And our clean desk policy has really cut down the time it takes to empty waste bins, improving office cleaning efficiency significantly. Then there’s the environmental side. We’re now consuming less water, less electricity, fewer chemicals and less packaging.

That’s thanks to the advanced equipment and microfibre technology the 14forty people use. We’ve also introduced centralised recycle points to manage and stream our waste. So our carbon footprint has gone down. That’s good for playing our part in looking after the environment, and good for our reputation too.


Flow cleaning services improve efficiency

Commercial and office cleaning services

14forty deliver a wide range of high quality cleaning services that keeps everything looking spotless and include:

  • Consumables supplies
  • Cleaning –  offices, windows, carpets, computers, kitchens and industrial
  • High level cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Cost and waste consultancy, management and streaming

Not just clean – transparent too

Just as important, the measurement and management of all this is done as rigorously and consistently as the cleaning itself – right across our sites. Everything’s transparent and in real time.

What this means is that we can get hold of live, up-to-the-minute office cleaning data at any time and for any particular location. We can see the latest picture for any room, individual object, appliance, service, activity or quality assessment whenever we want.

All that’s made possible by a simple barcoding and scanning arrangement. It includes the trolleys used, their own identity cards, their machines and appliances, the rooms and areas that they clean and so on. It’s quick and easy for them – and it gives us the information we need to monitor our commercial cleaning services.

14forty fast and efficient cleaning services

It goes without saying that they work to the SLAs and KPIs that matter to us. But 14forty go a lot further – for example getting regular feedback through customer satisfaction surveys.

All in all our cleaning has got a whole lot better since 14forty took it on. Higher quality, faster response, better use of manpower – and the clear evidence to back it all up. They know what they’re doing.

Cleaning services top-up towels on time

How 14forty Central helps us with cleaning services

  • Provides one place to see and change our planned and reactive cleaning services programme
  • Is the route to expert cleaning and waste removal teams to take care of any specialist or hazardous cleans, including leaks or decontamination
  • Drives the delivery of the contractual SLAs and KPIs
  • Provides the auditable data for financial and management reporting