14forty's FM Helpdesk

"There’s something that sits right at the centre of 14forty. Logically enough, it’s called 14forty Central. It’s a knowledge base, an FM helpdesk, a planner, a mobilisation manager, a performance analyst, a consultant and a quality auditor all rolled into one."

Vital information streams in and out

Vital information streams into 14forty Central from their best practice experts and from the managers and people at 5,000 sites. It streams back out again in the form of support, instructions and improvements.

It’s a powerful source of control, governance and change. And it’s perfectly placed to give us exactly what we need.

14forty Central FM helpdesk

FM support every minute of every day

How do you make complex things seem simple? How do you make them consistently effective right across thousands of different sites and operations? It's not easy, but that’s what 14forty Central does – by providing an FM helpdesk and FM support - in real time.

Every month it deals with many thousands of calls, answering each one on average within three seconds. It handles over 11,000 emails. It raises over 6,000 reactive jobs across twenty different service lines and more than a hundred work types. It has a dedicated security alarm receiving centre.

At one extreme it can look after a simple request that takes a few seconds. At the other it can respond rapidly to a serious incident or trigger a disaster recovery plan.

It does all this not just every month but for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and 1440 minutes every day.

And it goes even further – not just closing down a completed request as others do, but asking the person who raised it to take a few seconds to say if they’re happy with the outcome.

Facilities management support centre

A wealth of FM support and experience

There’s the work involved in responding to the daily needs of businesses like ours. But behind it sits a wealth of intelligence, expertise and forward planning.

It comes from 14forty’s own subject matter experts around the world and their knowledge of legislation and best practice. It draws on the customer satisfaction surveys that 14forty regularly run for us and for others. It organises and manages planned preventative maintenance and service scheduling. It adheres to accreditations including ISO9001, 14001 and 18001 as well as specific standards in areas like security guarding, mobile patrol, screening, key holding and response. It measures performance and makes sure of consistent, validated control of quality.

It keeps us in line with statutory compliance too. In our case that includes areas like water chlorination, boiler and electricity controls, PAT and monthly M&E certification.

And it brings us the power of new technology. We’ve improved our energy efficiency and cut fuel costs through more effective management. We’ve also started to use face recognition and webcams in some of our smaller reception areas to replace old, low value services.

All this huge wealth of intelligence and FM best practice needs to be managed, interpreted and presented to us with recommendations in a way that’s simple but exactly right for us, so we can make the best possible decisions and benchmark ourselves against our industry and others. 14forty do that too.

The Compass Service Framework is the global blueprint

Imagine something that weaves together the combined knowledge of 300 best practice experts. Something that covers 2,400 method statements for 500 procedures, all with risk assessments. Something that uses CAFM to automate many tasks from asset and request management to maintenance. Something that’s relied on every day by 3,500 managers and their teams in 32 countries. Something that’s localised and translated into eighteen different languages.

And yet imagine this something as a starting point, not a rigid set of rules. Think of it as a pull rather than a push. See it as a framework for people to use in the way that works best for them. And look how dynamic it is – anyone can suggest a possible addition or an enhancement based on their specialised or local knowledge.

This something is the Compass Service Framework and it provides comprehensive FM support. It harnesses the expertise of the Compass Group from all around the world. It’s a global blueprint and a powerful tool that can mobilise, transition, transform and embed best practices and procedures.

We like the clarity of it all – with service standards set out step-by-step from contract signing to training, delivery, measurement and reporting. We’ve seen for ourselves how it promotes consistency and stability, based on sound and tested practices. We know how reliable it is. And we’ve gained from the efficiencies it brings – with resources targeted more effectively, and innovative improvements seen as part of the everyday service, not as one-off projects.

14forty helpdesk uses real time dashboard

Real time dashboard for staying ahead

There was something on my mind a few days ago, just before midnight. So I logged on from home through our secure 14forty portal, checked on progress, went to bed feeling reassured and had a good night’s sleep. That’s the power of information – instant information from the FM helpdesk.

But it’s not just about the everyday stuff. It’s the way that accurate, validated and benchmarked business data helps us manage what we do at every level – and plan ahead confidently for the future.

Everything starts with being able to see all our activity and work in real time, anywhere in our portfolio, at any level of detail, through our own bespoke dashboard. That means we can monitor efficiency, conformity, utilisation and productivity across our sites. This means we have what we need for governance and compliance –  from safe lighting to carbon reduction commitment performance.

Then we can use that data – intelligently analysed thanks to 14forty – to make more effective strategic decisions. That can mean anything from FM best practice, competitor benchmarking to real estate strategy including location modelling and property rationalisation.

Because of this level of support, we can stay agile, adapt our processes, deliver successful change programmes faster and strengthen our competitive position. And it’s all down to having the right information. Information we can believe in and trust.

Getting mobilised effectively using FM support

Some people inside our business weren’t convinced that outsourcing our support services would work. They thought the risk of disruption might be too great. They worried that our account wouldn’t matter enough. Understandable –  but unfounded.

First of all we were reassured by 14forty’s track record. Yes, they’ve successfully transferred thousands of people at a time. But they’ve transferred just five people in other cases – and clearly cared every bit as much.

Then we saw the power of their mobilisation team at work. With expertise in all the areas we wanted, they used a well proven process and time plan – but with just the right amount of elbow room to make it nicely tailored to us.

They quickly put in place a dedicated team and management structure, match pairing roles to our own organisation. They brought in their own operational excellence specialists with expertise in managing transitions with optimum FM support. They wrote clear and detailed mitigation plans anticipating things that could go wrong, and how to resolve them quickly if they did. (We’ve still got those plans somewhere. We didn’t need to use them.)

Communications played a big part in getting mobilised. 14forty worked hard to understand our internal language, our culture and our values. Then they found the right ways to communicate with our people to inform, explain and reassure them.

Experienced 24/7 support

FM support keeps things safe

When the access control unit recently failed on one of our secure server rooms and some of our people were locked out, we were facing a serious problem. An urgent upgrade was needed to one of the servers in the room, so access was vital.

14forty Central called in a technical manager immediately. He took off the access control unit so the server could be worked on straightaway. That resolved the immediate issue – but of course the security of a sensitive area was still compromised.

So 14forty Central urgently called out the security contractors. They established that the access control unit had completely failed and needed to be replaced.

14forty Central arranged for an extra security guard to be on site while the parts were on order. They even sought out the contact details for the workshop where they were being built, called them direct and stressed the urgency. The parts arrived on site and were fitted the next day. Our server room was secure again.

The perfect balance between people and systems

14forty Central is enabled by technology, but delivered by people for the best FM support. The team is a blend of dedicated and multi-client trained experts in property and FM helpdesks. They develop intimate knowledge of client buildings by visiting sites, attending account team meetings and sharing knowledge.

14forty Central uses call centre technology to manage and direct calls to the right expert at the right time. The calls are mixed with email to provide multiple access channels and spread the workload across the day –  maximising efficiency and dealing with incidents as soon as they arise. This is all underpinned by an agile training programme to meet short term peaks in demand whilst maintaining a consistent level of service.

As the first and often the last point of contact they’re perfectly placed to provide support and insight into a building, operation or issue – problem solvers with a unique perspective.