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Professional business services

"I remember when we asked 14forty to put together a proposal
to take responsibility for our office and business services. The first thing
they did was take a really close look at how we were doing things. They
very quickly found efficiency savings in office services we’d never
even thought of. But that’s hardly surprisingly really – it’s their
core business, not ours."

Their people shine every day

One of the real keys is having multi-skilled, multi-tasking 14forty people. As well as being experts at what they do, they also care about providing great service as a whole.

It can be something really simple like not walking past a piece of paper on the floor. But there are also deliberate crossovers in the way they work. It’s all about using business services resources more flexibly –

like mailroom people who take responsibility for switching off lights, re-stocking copiers or checking the washrooms as part of their patrol.

Photocopier topped up by office services

Training plays a huge part in all of this. When 14forty  TUPEd our people across, they carried out a full week’s induction programme – held on our site and run by their specialist trainers. We saw people learning to think and work in new and much more efficient ways. The positive effect on morale and productivity was immediate.

14forty may have the scale and resources of a very large organisation – but they’re also great at applying a local site approach. Because they believe in self-delivery, you see it shining through in everything they do.

Environmentally friendly way to work by bus

Business and office services

14forty deliver a wide range of high quality office services for improved efficiency which include:

  • Administration support
  • Car parking
  • Conference venue management
  • Chauffeuring and vehicle hire
  • Floral displays and plant maintenance
  • Customer liaison
  • Internal moves
  • Mailroom
  • Meeting room reservations and management
  • Office supplies
  • Porterage
  • Reprographics
  • Secretarial services
  • Travel planning
Multi-skilled people working together

14forty saves National Grid significant costs 

Did you hear about what 14forty are doing for National Grid? They’ve helped their client to improve efficiency and customer service against challenging financial and operational targets. It’s a real partnership and a very good example of multi-skilling in action. Read case study.

14forty manage meeting rooms

How 14forty Central helps us with business services

  • Provides us with a highly professional service
  • Manages and co-ordinates response to high priority or business critical events, keeping us updated at every stage
  • Is the place we go to when something out of the ordinary needs fixing
  • Gives us the information to make sure we charge the right departments in our business for the services they use
  • Gives me access to the system to book my own work through the web portal