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The three key business benefits of bundled FM services


news 08.11.17

The three key business benefits of bundled FM services

Outsourcing facilities management (FM) is an obvious choice for organisations looking to bring on board outside expertise. But bundling multiple services can bring even bigger benefits. So let’s take a look at what this could mean for your business.

Why outsourcing is a solid business decision

Security, cleaning, catering — all FM services that you can look at and say: “OK, that looks like it needs a specialist, let’s get someone else to take care of it.” The benefits are clear — you get access to skills your business doesn’t have, while delegating the management workload to an expert in the field, freeing you to get on with your core business goals.

But here’s something you might not have considered: by bringing in more than one FM service from the same provider, you’ll receive other business benefits above and beyond those services’ face value.

How your business could benefit

In fact, as you may have already garnered from the title of this article, there are three key business benefits that you could gain. So let’s take a look at what they are.

1. Cut your costs.

When you procure multiple services from a single provider, you can lower the individual cost of each service. These savings come from the efficient use of personnel. A smart FM provider will train staff in multiple disciplines, creating synergy between services. For example, this could mean a security guard stepping in as a guest-services representative when needed, effectively performing two roles at once, and saving you money.

2. Improved service performance.

With bundled FM services, you can also benefit from more flexibility and responsiveness. Using multiple strands of FM service from one provider, you get much better levels of communication between services, and, as we mentioned before, synergy. This means that situations flagged up by one service can be dealt with much faster by another service. On top of that, your working life is made simpler thanks to a single point of access for the management of your services.

3. Consistency across services.

Running a busy business, the last thing you need is an FM service that’s not pulling its weight. That’s why the consistency of service levels that you get by bundling services from a single provider is such an important asset. It means you can get on with work, content in the knowledge that all your services are running at the highest standard.

Find out more

Here at 14forty, we like to practice what we preach. We know that everything we’ve talked about here is a reality, because we’ve seen it happen with our clients.

Find out more about our bundled FM services, and what they could do for your business, by getting in touch today.

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