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Things don’t stand still for long at 14forty, and there’s always a lot going on. Here’s the latest FM news and insights.

Employee performance scale

news 22.11.17

Six ways your facilities manager can create a more productive workplace

A better working environment means happier, more productive, employees. So here are the six areas your facilities manager needs to focus on to make the difference.

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news 08.11.17

The three key business benefits of bundled FM services

Discover how outsourcing facilities management (FM) is an obvious choice for organisations looking to bring on board outside expertise.

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writing list

news 05.10.16

Work-life — the most important balancing act

Discover why helping your people to achieve a better work-life balance will be vital to your organisation’s productivity in the future.

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Empty Desk

news 21.09.16

Leave the desk behind (at least for a while)

Time spent away from your desk can feel like time wasted, and increase stress. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. Here’s why.

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Gen Z infographic

news 16.09.16

Meet Generation Z: coming to a workforce near you.

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news 14.09.16

Time to let go.

Just like ABBA said, breaking up is never easy. And Sweden’s other great export, IKEA, is about to say goodbye to a long-term love.

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news 07.09.16

Why you really have to respect your elders

You can do almost anything when you put your mind to it — as one Russian showed when she became the oldest woman to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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news 31.08.16

Morgan a feelin’

Just as Morgan Motors continues to meticulously craft each car by hand, the consistency of our service is fundamental to our great service.

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Team briefing

news 24.08.16

We’ve got the ‘Bear’ necessities

Whether you’re trying to survive on a remote, deserted island, or provide great facilities management, teamwork is vital.

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news 17.08.16

Keeping things shipshape

For a business to safely traverse the turbulent seas of a stormy economy, it needs to be shipshape. That’s why you need to know about our sister company — ICM.

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great people

news 10.08.16

Why we’re already celebrating a successful year.

We’ve had an incredibly successful year of growth so far. Discover which leading brands have joined our party.

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news 03.08.16

One small step for us, one giant leap for your business

When you accidentally delete data at work, it's not usually a life or death situation. But what if you were in space and relied on that data to get home?

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news 28.07.16

An unlikely exercise in cost efficiency

To enjoy a low-budget holiday and do their part to save the planet, one Australian couple went to extraordinary lengths to be cost effective…

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baby hand

news 26.07.16

Never too nippy to nap

"Fresh air does you good." We bandy this about and generally agree with it, but could it really be good for babies to nap outside — in subzero temperatures?

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news 20.07.16

The eyes have it when it comes to presentation

When it comes to enjoying food, people say the first bite is with the eye. And they probably don't know just how right they are…

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news 13.07.16

Healthy Number Crunching

We’re dreaming of the sun now, thinking of holidays and long, warm evenings with a cool glass in hand. We want to look good, toned and healthy — so we set ourselves targets. But are we setting ourselves up to fail?

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Rubik Cube

news 07.07.16

Think outside the cube

To some, the Rubik’s Cube is a source of frustration. To others, fun. To 14forty, it’s an example of how practice makes perfect — and that’s what we’re after.

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news 05.07.16

Why it’s time to dust off the tux…

We’re a finalist at this year’s PFM Awards. Find out how our expert facilities management for National Grid helped us get there.

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news 29.06.16

Keeping time

The clock has traditionally been the centre of the community; the heartbeat of the city; a link between all of the people living around it.

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insights 23.06.16

Outsourcing your facilities management

Outsourcing is a tried and tested way that organisations entrust responsibility for their non-core business activities to an external vendor.

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Infographic header

insights 23.06.16

Outsourcing infographic

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Research is key to our service

news 22.06.16

One Q that has all the answers

James Bond gets into all sorts of scrapes. But he doesn’t get out of them alone; he relies on someone who has an incredible understanding of his needs…

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Breakfast pots

news 15.06.16

A toast to breakfast

Start off right. Why breakfast could be the best thing that happens to you today.

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news 08.06.16

Getting things done

It’s quite a spectacle, watching footage of unwanted tower blocks crumbling into a heap, but as with most things, there’s usually a better way.

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news 01.06.16

On the ball

Imagine standing on a basketball court with the roar of the crowd surrounding you. The game is about to start, and the pressure to perform is all on you.

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Service with a smile

news 25.05.16

Why our services are a smash hit

Box office smashes like Star Wars: The Force Awakens might make more than $2 billion worldwide, but what happens when your movie only makes £46?

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insights 20.05.16

Beyond Breakfast

Breakfast has the power to boost performance — and yet we don’t all bother with it. Get the lowdown in our new white paper.

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news 18.05.16

A little knowledge can go a long, long way…

Sharing knowledge is key to any organisation’s success. And that’s why we follow the example of Wikipedia.

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news 11.05.16

How cutting out waste gives us energy

Doing the recycling on a frosty morning might seem a hassle, but we understand that the only way to protect the environment is for people to do their bit.

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news 06.05.16

Compass Group’s Business and Industry family of services.

Find out how working with multiple members of the family can benefit your business by requesting our ‘Welcome to the family’ book.

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news 04.05.16

Sport’s most unbreakable record

To break records you need a large dollop of consistency. So what does it take to set a record that stands for more than 70 years?

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news 27.04.16

A brew-tiful new way to drink tea

Nine in ten British people drink a cup of tea every day, but very few of us will have drunk tea quite like this…

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news 20.04.16

Communication, take a bow

Ballet requires precision and impeccable timing — both of which are achieved through communication. And that’s also true of facilities management.

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news 13.04.16

Cloudy, with a chance of...what?

We Brits have something of an obsession when it comes to weather. We like to know where we stand. It’s about consistency — and there’s a lesson here for FM.

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news 08.04.16

Why health and safety isn't Mission: Impossible

The latest Mission: Impossible film has some of the most death-defying stunts we’ve ever seen. And Tom Cruise even did the craziest one himself…

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news 30.03.16

Cracking the code

Learning coding helps us adapt to the language of a digital future, opening up new career paths. In the same way, our people adapt to your needs and culture.

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news 22.03.16

The master of dedication

Sushi chef Jiro Ono lives and breathes his craft — he even dreams about it. And that kind of dedication pays off…

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news 16.03.16

In space no-one can hear you clean

We've all (hopefully) done our fair share of housework during our lives. But very few of us have had our very lives depend on it...

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Get Britain eating breakfast

news 16.03.16

Get Britain eating breakfast

Regularly eating breakfast directly improves health. Explore the link between health and productivity in our new infographic.

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news 09.03.16

We don’t LEGO of the details

Walking into LEGOLAND is the culmination of every child’s dream; from miniature cities you can explore in moments to entire LEGO-themed water rides.

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news 02.03.16

Naturally speaking

Lately we’ve seen a huge customer service drive, with many businesses implementing tools to improve the consumer experience.

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news 22.02.16

High-flying service

Living in the middle of the outback or in a city, every child in Australia gets the same education. Incredible things happen when people think beyond geographical boundaries.

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news 17.02.16

Making improvements by the shed-load

Across the UK, amateurs are recreating a historic computer — in their back gardens. It shows how getting individual elements right makes all the difference.

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cat for perfect service

news 10.02.16

Puurrrrfect service

A 'cat pub' is drawing customers from far and wide because it's creating a fresh service experience — and totally nailing what makes for great service in the process.

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news 03.02.16

Saving the world — one bottle of water at a time.

One and a half million children die each year for want of clean water. But here's how we're fighting back by working with Life Water.

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news 25.01.16

Serving all your senses

Eating at a restaurant isn't just about taste; it's about serving all of your senses. And one restaurant has taken that to the extreme…

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news 21.01.16

Colour us healthy

A new medical dressing can tell doctors if antibiotics are needed by changing colour — and that can teach us an important lesson in business.

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news 13.01.16

Pitching it just right

Great service relies on us bringing together factors in harmony. Just like a choir, our combination delivers more than the sum of its parts.

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news 06.01.16

Trumpeting great service

How do you get a good measure of something when it involves incredibly large numbers? Here’s why you need an elephant (or two) to help.

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news 31.12.15

Our work with Life Water

Our sales of Life Water have helped us reach an incredible milestone — check out our infographic.

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news 29.12.15

We’re the best. Final answer

One Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner had the confidence to end the show on his terms. And that conviction is something we could all learn from.

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news 18.12.15

Enjoy an Italian-style Christmas

We look at the local traditions that are an important part of peoples’ Christmas experience.

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news 17.12.15

Smile and the world smiles with you

Good-enough service can be specified; it’s attentiveness, responsiveness, politeness — and numerous other factors. But outstanding service has something extra, an indefinable spark that some people just have.

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news 08.12.15

Passing it on

In sport, it’s common for successful players to become coaches, managers or mentors to younger players who show promise.

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news 03.12.15

Serving up a few aces for your business

As Britain won its first Davis Cup for 79 years, all eyes were on Andy Murray. But it took more than one man to win tennis's top team tournament...

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Becoming a best-seller

news 23.11.15

Becoming a best-seller

Amazon has just opened its first ever bookshop. Find out why this shows how important it is to understand your customers.

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We won’t leave you with a screw loose

news 20.11.15

We won’t leave you with a screw loose

Ikea tests its furniture out in Japan and South Korea because people there have the smallest living spaces. Discover how we pay the same attention to detail when training our people to support your business.

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news 19.11.15

Hitching a ride

Discover the world’s first escalator for bicycles — and why it’s definitely not cheating to use it.

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news 18.11.15

Driving in the dark

We take health and safety seriously, and pay close attention to the smallest detail so it’s easy for customers to make safe food choices.

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Mauro Ortelli of 14forty picking up PFM Award

news 07.11.14

14forty partnership with Airbus Defence triumphs at PFM awards!

14forty along with Airbus Defence and Space have won the Partners in FM Corporate Award at the Premises and Facilities Management Awards.

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awards 24.03.14

Safety First in a Unique Environment for 14forty

14forty provides facilities services in many different locations including a large manufacturing complex where products including petrol, diesel, jet fuels and LPG are produced.

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opinions 20.03.14

A Treat for the Senses

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. - Paul J. Meyer

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news 18.03.14

Facilities Management 2014

Last week saw the inaugural Facilities Management show at the NEC in Birmingham. Amongst the speakers was 14forty’s Strategic Solutions Director, James Wood, who was joined on stage by Anthony Collett, Strategic Director of Integral.

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14forty Employee development - improved working experience

opinions 11.03.14

How to achieve innovation in FM

Although innovation is incredibly important for the FM industry and something we are all striving to achieve, it is often difficult to define and not fully understood.

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14forty colleagues win National Grid Corporate Property Reward and Recognition Award

awards 14.01.14

14forty colleagues win National Grid Corporate Property Reward and Recognition Award

Richard Davis and Rajan Mall, Security Officers for 14forty and National Grid, were winners of the Corporate Property Reward and Recognition Award for their outstanding handling of a road traffic accident.

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Meeting room booking system_14forty

opinions 03.01.14

Why smart businesses are adopting smart working

With traffic jams, overcrowding and inflated fares all capable of making an early morning worse, it is little wonder more people are working from home. In the ten years up until 2011, the proportion of people working mainly at or from home has increased.

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Facilities Management at Christmas

opinions 09.12.13

Managing a Merry Christmas

At Christmas time there are more than a few similarities between facilities management employees and Santa’s elves. Both must be highly organised to create a seamless festive experience and, although one can’t be sure what goes on in Santa’s grotto ...

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14forty Integrated Services

opinions 12.11.13

Facilities Management: Why Go Integrated?

Outsourcing in all its forms has taken off in recent years as businesses have realised that hiring specialists to provide services allows them to concentrate on their core functions.

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Mechanical and electrical FM services

news 06.11.13

14forty announce Integral as hard services partner

14forty, the new integrated facilities management (IFM) business from Compass Group UK & Ireland, has announced Integral as its hard services partner.

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Team looking smart

news 26.09.13

14forty maximises every minute in the day to transform FM industry

Northampton, UK, 26th September 2013: 14forty, a pioneering integrated facilities management (IFM) business from Compass Group UK & Ireland, launches today to bring a new high quality solution to the market.

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14forty launch - Facilities management

news 26.09.13

14forty launches at the London Science Museum

With the backdrop of history and innovation offered by the London Science Museum, 14forty Managing Director Steve Davies, last night unveiled the new integrated facilities management (IFM) business, from Compass Group UK & Ireland to clients, colleagues,

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